Healing takes change and courage, if we surround ourselves with the right resources we can achieve anything.
— Natalee Hessell

Close your eyes and think back to that moment when you did not need medications for you or your family, you would wake up before the alarm, had the energy to exercise, or maybe just felt refreshed and complete.  There is always a reason why you are no longer feeling this way or as we like to call it a root cause.

We believe that allergy and autoimmune responses create the environment for the perfect storm.  Our bodies become very vulnerable and weak during attacks or flares.  There is a circle of distress which includes allergy/autoimmune triggers, virus, bacteria/fungal infections and imbalance of nutrients.  Typically, when the distress hits your body then inflammation, gastrointestinal imbalances and much more occur which creates the chronic illnesses we have today.